Skulls to Wear

I found these cute and creative skull-inspired jewelries on Etsy. Does anyone else think they're fab? These will be another set of things I will add to my wish list!

Girl Skull Earrings
Bandita Girl Skull Earrings by Tracy Owens

Pink, Cute, and Dark - Art by Thomas Han

While going through Luke Chueh's portfolio on DeviantArt I found some of his favorite art were from Thomas Han. Thomas Han is a new name for me but I immediately fell in love with his artistic style.

Thomas Han - Cute and Dark Illustration - Kawaii monsters

Red Snow Princess aka "Akayuki Hime"

Another one of my favorite artists (I have lots of faves) is Akayuki Hime from Japan. She draws manga type girls in a dark kawaii style with lots of elements in the background.

Akayuki Hime - Dark Kawaii Bloody  Girl in Sailor Uniform